Our passion is helping others.

Sundance Digital Marketing started because our owner, Eric Bonar, saw small businesses and nonprofit organizations struggling to develop their digital marketing strategies. As the former Communications Manager for the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce, Eric was constantly approached by small businesses and nonprofits who needed help with their websites, social media pages and online marketing, but couldn’t afford to hire an agency. Most of them tried to do it themselves but didn’t have the experience or time, to design a professional looking website or social media page.

Seeing this frustration first hand, he decided to create a business model that helps small businesses and nonprofits develop their Digital Marketing Strategies within their budget parameters so their potential customers are able to easily find them.

Whether it’s creating a Facebook page for a small business owner, teaching church staff how to update their website, or helping a client develop a professional looking website, we understand the importance of listening to our clients so we can provide them with the services that will help them grow.

Additionally, we have several business partners who bring expertise in custom design, content creation, web hosting, security, and more to our clients as we strive to provide the best solutions for their digital marketing needs.

Eric S. Bonar, Owner, Sundance Digital Marketing

Eric S. Bonar, Owner
Sundance Digital Marketing

Eric holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas State University. He also has an extensive background in marketing and communications, spending a majority of his career in the customer service and public relations fields.

“With the constant, almost daily, evolution of online marketing, continuing education is critical to my work. I am self-taught in many programs, and have acquired the skills necessary to provide quality websites, hosting and digital marketing options for my clients.”

Having grown up in the Frisco, Plano and Carrollton areas, Eric has experienced the enormous growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth areas. This is both a blessing and a curse for small business owners. They have a large population to tap into, but many businesses are vying for the same customer at the same time. That’s why it’s so important to have someone you can trust and who knows the area, working to help you grow your business with digital solutions.